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Welcome to Pilates Lessons!

Discovered the easiest way to learn Pilates! I've been studying and teaching Pilates for nearly 4 decades, and I've found something special that I want to share with you! Pilates has always been difficult and time-consuming to learn. Not any more!

Specially designed for beginners, Pilates is now fun and easy for any age and fitness level with my new teaching method that delivers quick results safely. Start changing your body - and your life - right now for free with one of today's most experienced Pilates trainers! Sign up in the box at the top right to receive your first lesson in just moments!

Pilates is one of the most popular and effective workouts. It's used by elite athletes, celebrities and physical therapists worldwide. All you need is your own body which is the top fitness trend for 2015 according to the American College of Sports Medicine. So you can exercise anywhere and anytime without equipment or a gym. Not only that, Pilates gives you everything your body needs - cardio, strength, balance and flexibility - in one quick 30 minute workout.

Plus unlimited support! I'll be your own online personal trainer at no extra charge! No other exercise book, video or website offers this care and attention, because I want you to succeed and I know you can do it with the right teacher, the right instruction and the right support.

Your complete Pilates resource.  Here is everything about Pilates including information you won't find anywhere else such as new details about the life of Joe Pilates, the origins of Pilates breathing, an interview with a 'Pilates Elder,' why Pilates works better than any other method, tips for success, high intensity Pilates, all-natural mat disinfectants, phthalate-free exercise mats, beautifult photo gallery, free Pilates videos, best sources for Pilates clothing, socks and props and much more. It's "... the best Pilates site on the web!"

Feel free to browse and make yourself at home.

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