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Ultimate How-To Book of Pilates Mat Lessons - Review #1

Have you ever wanted to learn the most popular exercise method but had no idea what to do or how to begin? Or maybe you heard it’s expensive, time consuming and complicated?
I just came across an eBook that blew my mind! It is now my Pilates Bible.
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Here is my review of the eBook, “Ultimate How-To Book of Pilates Mat Exercises.”
These are gorgeous high definition video lessons, accompanied by photos and text explanation making it so easy to understand. Just as the instructor claims, it’s a very different kind to learning experience where this complicated exercise method is made really easy to learn.
The trainer’s extraordinary experience and training (he was mentored by a Pilates Elder!) are evident in how he anticipates potential challenges, eases me thru them with tricks and tips while keeping me safe from harm – I’d heard there's more risk of injury in Pilates than most exercise methods because of its intense focus on the core.
And did I mention it was fun? Never thought I’d experience exercise that’s fun! There was no frustration which I so often feel when learning anything new!
And the benefits! Bob promised results and boy did he deliver! I felt so awake and energized after just my first lesson. After a day (and a little abdominal stiffness – nothing to painful and hey! I needed to know this really worked!) I actually felt taller, stronger and more flexible!
Plus unlike any other exercise book, video or web lessons, he makes himself available for any questions and concerns! I thought this was a gimmick! No, he actually got back to me within a couple hours. His email response was thorough, but if needed, he offered phone or Skype contact! Very special – I truly felt I had a personal trainer and at no extra cost! He must really love teaching Pilates!
His book covers soup to nuts:
-Step-by-step instruction on all the original Pilates mat exercises PLUS all the variations – over 50 exercises
-Guide the student from beginner to the most advanced levels
-Explains all the benefits and why Pilates is unique
-Shows exactly where the special muscles are that other exercise methods ignore
-Reveals simple tips for succeeding at any exercise program
-Explains a breathing technique to energize any workout
-And so much more…
Bob Hannum obviously loves Pilates. He clearly cares and at the same time is supremely confident that each student will get results. A must read for anyone who wants to improve their health with a convenient and effective 30 minute workout.
There’s so much to learn! I wish Bob had made this into 3 books instead of one – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – so I didn’t feel like I need to spend a lifetime on it. But as Bob kept reminding me, there are benefits at every level even if I stop after the beginner lessons.
Bottom line:
Honestly, I’ve tried so many different exercise methods and really all of them come down to this: if I put in more effort I get more results. Pilates truly is different – my joints felt good instead of strained and this core thing really does make a difference with more stability and balance. Now that I have this book, I feel fully prepared to begin my adventure with a different and healthier form of exercise. Definitely one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend it.
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