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Ultimate How-To Book of Pilates Mat Exercises - Review #3

The most comprehensive guide available today for the original Pilates mat program plus variations totaling over 50 exercises by one of today's leading Pilates instructors.

No need for equipment or a gym. This is the latest trend in the fitness world, using your own body for resistance. Used by elite athletes, celebrities and physical therapists, the Pilates method is nearly 100 years old and is now one of the most popular exercise method worldwide.

This is the complete mat program in video, photo and text featuring simple step-by-step lessons in an athletic style that is safe and accessible for all ages and fitness levels. Plus, online support by the instructor - your own personal online trainer!

In this ebook/video you'll learn:
-more benefits than any other exercise method
-exercise without equipment or a gym
-all the essential exercises that the body needs – stretching, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning – into one quick 30-minute workout.
-the instructor's breakthrough teaching method which for the first time makes Pilates quick, easy, and inexpensive to learn
-relief from most joint and back pain
-beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels plus a bonus Cardio Pilates workout video
-fun lessons safe for any age and fitness level from beginner to elite athlete
-an intense and complete 30-minute exercise program
-the best at home exercise
-bonus 'Guide' for quick reference during workouts
-history of Pilates with new facts recently revealed by a 'Pilates Elder'
-all the amazing benefits and principles
-the differences and similarities between Pilates and yoga
-a special breathing method to increase your oxygen intake
-tips for exercise success
-all about the three different kinds of exercise the body needs
- all about target heart rate and the easiest way to finding it
-all about the instructor's unique teaching method
-best sources for thick exercise mats
-and much more…

It’s thorough and complete, and incredibly, comes with unlimited personal support from the author at no extra charge! Highly recommended – this is an incredible exercise resource at an incredibly low price.

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