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Back Pain Exercises & the Amazing Effectiveness of Pilates


January 15, 2017 by Bob Hannum

Most Back Pain Can Be Relieved With Exercise

For decades Pilates instructors have been touting the rehabilitative benefits of core strength for relieving and even curing most back problems. Now science is backing it up.
Eight out of every ten Americans will experience a back problem in the course of their lives. Common responses to back problems even among doctors have been:

  1. Don’t exercise - it will only make it worse.
  2. Surgery or medication is the only solution.
  3. Thinking positive doesn’t make any difference –
  4. It’s just a lot of mumbo jumbo.

Times Have Changed for Back Pain

Yes, things have changed – dramatically! Now doctors are talking like Pilates instructors with recommendations for core strength exercises before pills or surgery! Here are the most recent findings about what really works when it comes to back pain.

Exercises for Back Pain

The Importance of Exercise

Strength building exercise, particularly for the abdo
men and lower back – your core as we say in Pilates - reduces pain for most back problems. In many cases this process of strengthening the core actually cures the back ailment altogether. This is the case with me.
I injured my lower back in my early twenties hauling heavy stone. Using exercise alone I managed to avoid surgery and medication. Now at age 59 I still handle heavy stone as part of my job, and my lower back still gets fatigued quickly and is very susceptible to re-injury, but I learned how to avoid injury by simply squeezing my buttocks before lifting anything, and keeping my core strong with Pilates exercise every other day.
The idea of “core strength” was first envisioned by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago, and it is now accepted by physical therapists as a major way to treat and prevent back problems.

Surgery Is the Last Resort

Though back surgery continues to be prescribed, there is little evidence of benefits according to recently published research in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Ninety percent of people with back pain will get better without any treatment or with non-invasive methods such as physical therapy, exercise, and medication. And when surgery is used there is a low success rate and even a risk of making matters worse!

Mind Over Matter!Pilates Exercises for Back Pain

Most surprising of all, how you think about your back pain influences recovery. Studies show that your back pain can actually be eased if you don’t focus on it!

The Unique Effectiveness of Pilates

This is not to say that surgery is entirely unnecessary. It does help in specific cases, so the very first step is to have your back problem checked. If physical therapy is suggested breathe a sigh of relief because you are about to be introduced to techniques first developed by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago! And after your back problem has subsided add Pilates to your exercise routine – I do a short little 5-minute routine most mornings to relieve my morning back pain and stiffness from an injury decades ago. This short routine works for me and I share it here in case you wish to try it for yourself. I do it gently like a warm up rather than a workout - let the 'dynamic stretch' do its magic! Just click the links for brief video lessons of each: And on those days when my back feels really good I add:
  • 3-5 'Rolling' exercises as seen in the photo directly above. BTW, this and the following exercises can be viewed in my 'Pilates Beginner' Gallery which you can find by clicking here, and taught for free in my Beginners Lessons by just signing up in the box at the top right.
  • 'The 100' which I do in the easy beginner version.
  • 3-5 'Roll Ups' - the Pilates sit up but the beginners way as in the top photo
That's my pain relieving routine and it only takes 5 minutes once you know the exercises. And it works every time for me. Try it.

The back pain relief I get from this simple morning routine enables me to do the entire Pilates workout 2-3 times a week without any compromise and reap all the many more benefits besides back relief. Once again, you can learn the entire Pilates Beginners mat exercises for free right here! Just sign up in the box at the top right, and I’ll deliver my first lesson right to your email within moments. Start your journey today to better health and successful management of your joint and back pain!


But don’t just take my word for it - read what doctors are now saying:

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