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A Fabulous Holiday With Pilates and Flavours In Italy!


October 10, 2015 by Bob Hannum


It's Time for a Healthy and Unforgetable Holiday!

The popular holiday tour guide, Flavours, has teamed up with some of the best Pilates trainers to offer an exciting and unique series of Pilates holidays in Italy. Imagine a morning Pilates class beside stunning Italian vistas followed by a cooking class with a Flavours chef!

Fitness Holiday

Imagine Yourself in Beautiful Sicily, Amalfi, Puglia or Tuscany!

Flavours chose some of the most beautiful venues in all of Italy including SicilyTuscany and newly added Puglia and Amalfi for a rejuvinating and unforgettable Pilates holiday. A Pilates course in Italy is the perfect break for any age and fitness level. No Pilates or exercise experience required! Choose a week or more in fabulous SicilyTuscany, Puglia, and Amalfi.

Get Away and Learn the Most Popular Exercise!

Our Pilates courses are led by some of the finest experts in Pilates. This exercise method is not only the most popular fitness technique worldwide, it is widely recommended by elite athletes and physical therapists for improving strength, balance, and range of motion all in one workout. No other exercise method is more effective for strengthening core muscles. As an added benefit most back problems disappear with a strong core. The fluid and gentle movement central to the Pilates method relieves joint pain. For these reasons Pilates is particularly helpful for young and old alike. "Our courses will leave you feeling truly rejuvinated!"

Perfect for Singles or Couples!

Our Pilates holidays are perfect for the single traveler as well with our zero single supplement policy. Read our blog about the 'Rise of the Single Traveller'.


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