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High Intensity Interval Training Workouts - Incredible Benefits!


December 15, 2015 by Bob Hannum

Stunning Results For Workouts That Add High Intensity Interval Training

You Can Add HIIT To Just About Any Exercise

Ongoing research about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) continues to amaze me! This article reviews the fascinating research and explains how to apply HIIT to just about any workout including Pilates.

What Is An Interval Training Workout

"High Intensity Interval Training" also known as HIIT is simple. There’s no equipment or complicated instruction. You can add it to running, swimming, cycling, jump rope - nearly any workout routine - and even Pilates. It is short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods.
For example, sprint for 15 seconds, then walk for 60, and then repeat for 15 or 20 rounds. Best of all, you only need to do this once or twice a week for best results. In Pilates mat exercise, do a block of 5 or 6 exercises with 3 to 5 reps without stopping followed by a couple at a slower pace. Then repeat this cycle until you’ve completed all 50+ mat exercises. It takes me 30 minutes. For my latest book about how to add HIIT to your Pilates workout go here.

High Intensity Interval Training WorkoutsHere's An Example

I just added HIIT to my favorite elliptical machine workout at the YMCA. Here are my results. I went as fast as I could for 15 seconds, and then continued at a slower pace (the equivalent of a slow walk) for 60 seconds. I repeated this 15 times and then finished my 30-minute workout with a slow walking pace. I burned 400 calories rather than my usual 350 in the same amount of time, and I reached my target heart rate sooner and sustained it for a longer period of time. I became winded after about 10 repetitions, but I never felt exhausted. Each 60-second walk gave me the recovery time I needed for another 15 second burst. I was tired after 15 rounds but not knocked out! It was a refreshing variation on my regular use of this damn machine (you can see how much I love cardio!) and a helpful way to avoid boredom. Remember, you only need to do this once or twice a week.

Amazing Benefits 

HIIT raises your heart rate to an anaerobic level which is good for a healthy body.  Essentially HIIT tricks us into raising our heart rate to a level that most of us rarely have the energy or ambition to achieve, especially as we get older. But HIIT isn’t for everyone. If you have any health issues consult your doctor about how to safely work yourself up to HIIT.

Latest Fascinating Research

Here are the impressive benefits and research sources in case you want to read further.high intensity interval training

  • HIIT increases levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) better that any other exercise. HGH is key to burning fat and delaying many effects of aging (1).
  • HIIT increases calorie-burning after exercise better than other exercise (2).
  • HIIT increases fat-burning 3 times more than other aerobic exercise in less time (3).
  • A new study out of Australia just found yet another benefit: fewer calories consumed over 36 hours after a HIIT workout. "Intense exercise may suppress ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone," says Aaron Sim, Ph.D and lead author of the study which also found that the best work/rest ratio is 1/4 meaning sprint 15 seconds and walk 60 (4).

About the Author

Bob adds HIIT to his Pilates workout once a week. Workout right along side him with his new ebook/video High Intensity Pilates, featuring all 50+ Pilates mat exercises in only 30-minutes.

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