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For the Best of All Home Workouts - Try Mat Pilates!


Decenber 11, 2014 by Bob Hannum


Workout at Home or During Your Work Break for the Ultimate Exercise Convenience!

If you're looking for exercise you can do anywhere and anytime without equipment, classes or a gym, you've finally found it! This article reviews the reasons why Pilates is unsurpassed among all the many options for home workouts!

Home Workouts Are Best Without Equipment

Pilates mat exercise is particularly suited for use at home or work because it’s the best example of using your own body for resistance. This latest fitness trend is the ultimate in convenience, enabling you to workout without the need for any equipment or facilities. Thus you can do this method anywhere and anytime - at home, in the workplace, in a hotel room, when visiting friends or family – I even do it in airports while waiting for my next flight!

A Complete Exercise

Another reason that Pilates is the perfect workout to do at home is that it’s complete. No wonder it’s one of the most popular exercise methods worldwide. It provides everything that exercise research says the body needs – strength, flexibility, balance and cardio – in one quick 30-minute workout. Few exercise methods do this, leaving you to do one kind of exercise for your cardio, then another for flexibility, and still another to build strength. Pilates mat exercise combines them all saving you time, effort and money! This is also why you feel energized after a Pilates workout rather than exhausted.

Mat Pilates - At Home Exercise

Online Personal Training

Any exercise activity comes with some measure of risk. Interestingly, Pilates is known for presenting more risk than most exercise methods due to its intense focus on the core. Fortunately for the home workout crowd, and thanks to the internet, learning Pilates is now safer than ever before. New HD video lessons that I offer by simply signing up in the box at the top right of this page, come with online personal training – ask me questions anytime and as often as you wish via email or Skype. No other online fitness program provides this level of support to insure that your Pilates experience is not only safe, but also successful and fun. Start today for free by signing up right now.

Extraordinary Experiences

In addition, Pilates mat exercises have never been easier, quicker or less expensive to learn. These new online video lessons are packed with all the tips and tricks I've acquired in over 35 years of teaching experience - one of today's most experienced Pilates instructors. Nothing is left out of these extraordinary lessons.

Unsurpassed Benefits

You see, Joseph Pilates is the Einstein of fitness. He shook the fitness world with dozens of innovations and discoveries including over 20 patents for exercise equipment and rehabilitation apparatus. He was the first to suggest that most back problems are caused by weak abs rather than a weak back which is now a key principle in physical therapy. He first proposed the idea of core strength after discovering 3 muscle groups virtually ignored by the rest of the fitness world. He created exercises that remain unsurpassed for strengthening the core which is why elite athletes use Pilates. His method uses dynamic stretching and eccentric contraction which have been proven to be better ways to achieve flexibility and strength. And he remains one of the rare proponents of the importance of a full body workout that strengthens the mind as well as the body. Turns out that a strong core leads to great strength without unnecessary bulk and weight. Pilates’ practitioners feel taller and look graceful and effortless even in the simplest movements such as walking, sitting and climbing stairs. In short, a Pilates workout results in unparalleled benefits. Why waste your time on anything else!

Least ExpensivePilates Mat Exercise - Best At Home Exercise

Working out at home will save you tons of money! Besides big savings from no equipment, classes or gym memberships, you save on the expensive costs of learning Pilates. It typically takes 10-20 classes to learn at a cost of $200-$300, or 8-15 private lessons at over $1000. Not any more! This website was created to change all that! You can learn a complete beginner program for free by simply signing up in the box at the top right of this page. And my ebook/video series teaches the entire mat program - over 50 exercises - for only $14.77. You can order it in the box at the right.

To summarize, no other exercise beats the Pilates mat program for convenience, making it the best of all the many different workouts you can do at home or during a work break. Add to this the unparalleled benefits of Pilates, and a new system of online instruction with 24/7 personal training, working out at home has never been safer and less expensive. Try it risk-free right now!

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Bob Hannum is the author of Pilates books and videos including The Ultimate How-To Book of Pilates Mat Exercises and most recently, High Intensity Pilates available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, PC and Mac. He has taught Pilates for over 35 years, and his teacher is the ‘Pilates Elder’ Mary Bowen.

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